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by Emma Gonsalves on 10/16/13

Hi there!  I’m Emma of Emmabella’s of Vermont, LLC and today is my first day blogging on my brand new website! I’m pretty excited about it!  I had been tossing and turning over the idea of blogging for quite some time now, and in all honesty - I don't know that I have anything new to add to the wide world of blogging, but there is something very captivating to me about reading the e stories, the thoughts and lives of others as they "upload" their talents online for the all the world to see, whether it be in the written form, crafts, painting, baking or cooking. 

Hand-painted Peter Rabbit cookies

I would like to say that the interest of it all started after watching the movie "Julie & Julia" when it first came out in 2009.   From the very first scene – I was hooked.  When it came out on DVD, I was one of those people that rushed right out and purchased the movie and then spent a good month (or two) out of my life watching the movie over and over again.  My favorite scene?  The mouth-watering bruschetta scene - of course!  My favorite line?  "I have thoughts".  Oh boy do I have thoughts! 

"Dancing Pigs" custom made for Mother's Day for a mother who loves pigs!

It would be nice to attribute my desire to starting writing because of this beloved movie, but in all honesty - I have been journaling and writing since I was ten years old.  Yes, I have thoughts.  I have VOLUMES filled  with all my thoughts in them.  So what does that have to do with anything?  Well - nothing really, except that I tend to think about a lot of nothing…which in a funny way – turns out to be something after all.

I also found that my connection to this new favorite movie - was also an emotional one in which I was transported back to a time where my Saturday afternoons were spent, watching “The French Chef” on PBS with my siblings and my father (a honor-graduate from the Culinary Institute of America in Connecticut), who would either agree with what Julia Child was demonstrating, or yell at the screen as if he was watching the Super Bowl and Julia had fumbled the most important play of the game in the last inning.


 Pesche Dolci {Italian Peach Cookies}

My father was an amazing chef who taught me at a very young age that cooking was a form of art, and how you can express yourself and your artistic talent through each dish that you carefully prepare and present.  He taught me how to enjoy the layers of flavors and how to appreciate what he used to call "slow meals".  I learned through him, how to "taste" the ingredients through my sense of smell and then decide if something will work by its essence in whatever it is I'm preparing.   Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't, but at least it’s fun to try! It was at that time I learned to love cooking. 

I find it fun and exciting to come home after a long day within the cubicle world and a long commute home; to suddenly feel a surge of energy fill me as I change into my magical apron, and I begin to create something delicious, something comforting that my family and I can enjoy together.


With permission:  Baby shower cookies based on the invitations illustrated by

Since my father's passing in 2008, I have taken more to heart the things he has passed on to me, re-energizing me with experimenting and creating new things.  I have had a great deal of fun in bringing this form of art to a new level with my baking and cooking.

I'm far from a professionally trained chef; I’m still learning, and I'm still experimenting, but it has given me the opportunity to simply create something special that brings family, friends and even strangers together…and allows us to connect one to one another; and truthfully - who doesn't want that?


My Father

So with this very first entry, I dedicate this blog to my father - for his talent and his inspiration.  To my husband who adds the spice to my life, to my family and friends who have supported me every step of the way (and allowed me to experiment on them).  Without them…none of this would have happened. 

Italian Wedding Dessert Table created by Emmabella’s of Vermont, LLC

I also dedicate this to all those amazing chef's and bakers, whether professionally trained, self-trained, or just amazingly naturally talented - who have and still inspire me along the way.   Thank you for taking the time to show me how to become a little bit better, how to become more creative and how to think “out of the box”.